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What polar vortex?

I'm spending my evenings learning more about flower farming from Floret Flower Farm, in Skagit Valley, Washington. I pass hours following people (remotely, from my stationary bike in my basement) through lush fields of every possible kind of cut flower you can imagine. I watch the sweat dripping off their brows, see them brush insects away, imagine the heat coming off their sunburnt forearms. It's dreamy. And it's been what keeps me going through this last push of winter. It's an odd thing (as all stripes of gardeners can attest to) to be planning and dreaming so ardently when the wind is freezing our skin, the cold stalling our vehicles, keeping us huddled up close to hearth and home (well that, and covid). It's imagining the blooms, the colours (especially the green, honestly) that gives me energy in this hibernation season. But even more so, it's the thought of being in a flower field with you--sharing in the fruits of our labour with our customers, our community, our friends and family. It's coming, and it won't be long now. I'll leave you with some a photo of a few of the varieties Van Noort has supplied us with this season. Stay warm, friends!

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