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About Our Farm

Le Petit Pétale Flower Farm is a local, family-run farm that is heading into its first year of blooming! Our products are fresh from the field, harvested daily, so you can be sure you are buying the best quality, naturally cultivated flowers.

We believe the earth gives us all the good things we need to create beauty, and so our farming practices take into account not just you and your family and friends touching what we produce, but also the Cedar Waxwings in our orchards, the Swallowtails that rest in our flower fields. We consider the water that runs beneath us, and the air currents that move from our farm to town and back. We choose to farm in a way that envisions our childrens' children (the Haudenosaunee principle of 7 generations) and the earth that we pass on to them.

We are grandparents, teachers, parents, students, gardeners, children, your neighbours. And we are so very grateful to provide you and yours with beauty, grown here in the South Okanagan.

About Us: Our Farm
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